Apple Books

Apple Books gives the user a consistent overall experience for browsing and buying eBooks comfortably and easily.

The current solution in iTunes
Finding the bookstore in iTunes is difficult as the user has to pass several steps. Apple even provides an extra app (iBooks) which also includes the store. Nevertheless the store looks cluttered and completely overloaded. The different cover heights appear imbalanced. Additionally the individual categories have different views which might confuse the user. (See category "New & Noteworthy" image above) There are many other imperfections that make the entire design carelessly and remarkably different compared to the quality of Apple we usually expect.

The approach of Apple Books
Based on the design of the website, Apple Books was reorganised in a more clean and straight way. First the user gets a suggestion of books according to his typical behaviour (e.g. library, search queries, customers also bought). Afterwards, a featured post of the author Dan Brown is shown, followed by a list of new releases as well as a list of all books available in this category. It is possible to extend the list with trending books, top sellers etc.

Web prototype (requires Google Chrome and a minimum resolution of 1280px × 860px)