Use Demand to explore your own personal media store like never before.

The current solution in iTunes
While playing songs from your favorite music collections, iTunes tries–among other features–to be a huge store of new songs, movies, series and apps.
The store can be explored via the search field or by videos suggested by Apples editors. They try to choose from new or top rated movies. Everybody sees the same content and recommendations. Even when you look for similar movies or videos from specific actors or genres, iTunes doesn't take the chance to adjust shown information to your history of already seen content.

The approach of Demand
Demand will be your new best friend to watch movies with. Whether you enjoy episodes of your favorite show, add a movie to your list of favorites or browse for your favorit genres or actors. Demand will always adapt the list of recommendations it has to offer you.
By using a dynamic wall of tiles containing movies, series, actors and genres, you can easily dive into the endless web of your personal media store.

The different tile formats help you to differentiate and prioritize content on your recommendation wall. But you not only see which movie to watch next, you are also able to come back to old series or movies you didn't finish yet.

Customizing and controlling your recomenndations has never been easier. If you add a movie to your favorits, Demand will adapt and find other movies which might be interesting for you. On the other hand, removing a movie from your lists helps Demand to get even smarter and find better media for your personal video store.