iGear enables management and synchronization of music libraries of iOS devices.

The current solution in iTunes
In iTunes synchronization of Music feels left behind. While in other parts of OSX synchronization with external devices is as easy as drag and drop, in iTunes the user is presented with an unwieldy screen of multiple scrollable lists of checkboxes. There is one list for each way of categorizing music (Artists, Genres, Albums, Playlists). Inherently it is very hard to keep track of what is synchronized an what isn’t. Also it is hard to find specific music since there is no search available.

The approach of iGear
iGears main goal is to give the user a way to synchronize music in a way that is familiar to her from other parts of OSX. The application puts an emphasis on keeping an overview over the music that is synchronized with the connected iOS device by letting the user filter and sort content within songs, albums, artists and genres. While browsing the content, the information displayed always relates to synchronization which enables quick visual scanning of the content.