Movie Time

Movie Time lets you quickly find and rent the latest movie releases.

The current solution in iTunes
iTunes does not make a clean divide between movies to buy and the ones to rent. There is a category for new movies to rent, but it is limited to a certain selection. If you want to activate a filter, which is hard to find, or search for a specific movie, you will end up with a not-so-obvious mix of both buying options. It is also a very tedious task to get more information about movies. You have to navigate back and forth between the detailed view and the cover view. And you are likely to miss a clear overview of which movies are coming out soon.

The approach of Movie Time
Movie Time presents you the movies in a timeline, sorted in accordance with their release dates. With easy-to-reach categories, you can find the right movie for you. The Movie Time interface is split into the timeline view on the left and a detailed view on the right. The detailed view gives you additional information for your current selection, including cast, trailers, and plot. Owing to the side-by-side view, you get a seamless browsing experience and a quick overview. If you are interested in knowing which movies are coming out soon, simply scroll up the timeline.