MusicFinder lets users quickly enjoy their entire music collection via an easy-to-use interface.

The current solution in iTunes
Music player and music library are at the centerpiece of iTunes. They keep the users whole music collection together. But mastering this collection ist not always fun. 
Each category has its own default view which might confuse users. With options such as large icons, a list with details and cover flow, its also possible to decide for an individual view. While browsing through your music you easily loose track and often it takes too much clicks reaching your destination.

The approach of MusicFinder
MusicFinder is based on Apple’s well-known file manager Finder. It organizes the music collection in column view.
In the application’s sidebar the objects of the music library are grouped into categories. Thanks to the cascading principle, navigating through the hierarchies of objects is simple.
The right column of the application is reserved for the music player. There, the currently active piece of music and its cover are displayed in a more generous format.

Artist View
Browse your music collection sorted by artists. For each artist a picture is provided to loosen up the list view.

Listening to an Album

Album View

Search the entire music collection
While typing the music collection is searched and the search term is highlighted in the results.