Podcasts for OS X has been tailored to the essence of watching, listening to and discovering your next favorite show.

Podcasts as part of iTunes today
Version 12.3 of iTunes integrates Podcasts in the shadows of the much more profitable content types Music, Movies and TV Shows. While podcasts see significant growth in consumption – caused by recent viral successes such as “Serial” and several other niche productions – Apple has hardly improved Podcasts which remains to be one of the nine major sections within the iTunes application for OS X and Windows. On iOS, in contrast, Apple offers a dedicated Podcasts app along with dedicated Music and Video apps. Each of these decoupled applications exceed the user experience of their counterpart sections within iTunes by far.

The approach of Podcasts for OS X
With Podcasts for OS X you can expect the same experience that you’re already used to from using Podcasts for iOS. With this design we intend to embrace synchronisation of playback positions through iCloud, introduce the concept of cards known from Mail, prioritize streaming over downloads, provide custom controls for navigating and controlling Podcasts and replace the store with a directory that encourages discovery of new shows to enjoy on your next commute or while being bored at work.