Shows helps you organize your favorite TV Shows and lets you plan your next viewing marathon.

The current solution in iTunes
iTunes is loaded with features and with each new version it gains a new set of features. Especially TV shows and movies live in weird visual hierarchies and share features which work well for hearing Music, but are not really suitable for watching video content. For example, having lots of different shows in your iTunes library results in huge mess with less to none previews or summaries available. You end up not knowing what TV shows you are currently watching or want to watch.

The approach of Shows
Shows tries to reduce this clutter by creating one object for each TV Show which opens a detail view containing each available season in your library. Here you are able to view all available meta data, a list of each episode with a preview picture and short summary of the episode’s contents.

Shows also gives you the option to create collections of TV shows for example a collection containing your favorite episodes. From the start there are two predefined collections – “Currently Watching” and “My Watchlist” – in which shows stores your currently watched TV shows or TV shows you want to watch at a later date. There is also a feature called “Queue” with which you can organize a playlist for continuously watching your TV shows.

My TV Shows
The center of Shows where all your collections and TV shows are listed and accessible.

Your Watchlist
One of the two predefined collections in which you can store TV shows or episodes you want to watch at a later date.

Detail View
The detail view contains each seasons of a TV show, lists all available meta data for a show and each episode with a preview and short summary. Here you are able to add episodes to your watchlist or queue.

Video Player
Shows uses the system-wide video player of OS X and just like QuickTime hides its interface when you do not it.

The Queue will give you an overview about what episodes are currently lined up for you to watch.