Vision makes browsing, finding and watching your movies easier than ever before.

The current solution in iTunes
The movie section does not communicate that one is using a movie-app. It rather seems to be a copy of the music section. The screen showing a movie's details seems to lack a proper layout and thoughts about typography. Furthermore the search in iTunes does mix search results from movies and songs, and does not seem to search the tags associated with the movies. Also the search results are only shown in a narrow drop down window, which eliminates the possibility to display of further information.

The approach of Vision
“Vision” does not only convey the feeling of a movie app (dark UI) but shows also a great way to enhance searching via the display of live results. They show insight into why the results match the search query by highlighting the matching parts. The app uses the whole app window to display the search results and linked information. The new search function scans all tags associated with a movie and adds results from the store as well. Much effort was put into making a legible and tidy interface by applying the new Apple typeface San Francisco correctly.