Public Displays

What should be done with large displays in the public and semi-public sphere?
Within the last couple of years large interactive displays have been massively installed in public and semi public spaces. However, sustainable concepts and ideas of how to use this technology for the public good are still widely missing. There must be more than advertising and the weather!

With the advent of the smartphone (for all!) hence the ubiquity of location aware technology, internet access and the expanding social media network, a great number of new applications and services are expected to pop up in the near future. The research and design class Public Displays. Und Jetzt? (And Now?) looked carefully at these infrastructural phenomena. We analysed existing solutions in regards to usefulness, community acceptance and social compatibility. Based on the analysis new design concepts and future scenarios that go beyond the Status Quo were developed. We aimed at creating future applications that use new technology in creative ways, that are desirable, non-commercial, socially sustainable and community supportive and just »make sense« to us, when you keep in mind the Public Space is there for the public.

The class took place during the winter semester 2011/12 at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, as part of the Interfacedesign program, supervised by Monika Hoinkis.
Internal Workspace

Quick paper prototypes around the community board –
Experiments with participation and comunication in public space.

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