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Fundamentals of process-oriented design.

Design is increasingly dynamic and participatory. Digital, generative and interactive processes can be found in the design of digital media, communication processes and products (in production & use). In the center of the design the focus is planning, anticipating and implementing emergent systems based on natural technological and social processes. In this course the basic skills and possibilities of process-oriented design are analyzed and developed in a number of creative exercises. It is a broad overview of facets, methods and tools, as well as insights into the elementary handicraft and technical procedures and concepts of process-oriented design. An artistic and creative engagement with the corresponding technologies takes place.

The exercises represent a cross-section of the following topics:
  • Generative Design. Analog and digital using the Processing platform and the P5.js framework
  • Physical Computing. Using the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Particle Photon prototyping platforms
  • Digital culture. Possibilities of and use of web technologies and services
  • Participatory design. Participation and user-generated content
  • Bio design. Designing with living organisms

A Seminar by Fabian Morón Zirfas with contributions from Mey Lean Konemann, Lisa Charlotte Rost, Cedric Kiefer, Jonas Loh and Benedikt Groß. It took place starting in the winter semster 2014/2015 untill winter 2015/2016 at the Interface Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany) based on works by Monika Hoinkis.

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