Contact Network:

Prof. Boris Müller
Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann
Dipl. Des. Steffi Hu├člein

Interface Design
IDL // Interaction Design Lab
University of Applied Sciences
P.o. box 60 06 08
14406 Potsdam


The Innovation Forum Interaction Design is part of a series of workshops and events on interaction design. Initiated by the BA/MA Programme Interface Design and the Interaction Design Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the starting point is an open network of companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The common link between all the companies in the network is that they are active in the area of interface and interaction design.

The goal of the network is to strengthen regional competencies in the area of interface and interaction design and to network regional companies with national and global actors in the market, and thus provide impulses for innovative products and services.

The network uses an online platform for so-called Interaction Design Patterns. Interaction Design Patterns consist of a description and solution of a recurring design problem. The application of reusable building blocks facilitates the development of consistent and ergonomic user interfaces, both for individual systems and across different devices and applications for whole system families.

The goal is to catalogue well structured and universally understandable descriptions of tried and tested solution patterns and to make these available to the network online.