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Innovationsforum Interaktionsdesign

Video documentation of the Innovationsforum
is online!

It took us a while - but the videos from the Innovationsforum Interaktionsdesign are finally available online. We have carefully edited all talks and presentations and we are now happy to present every talk in full length! (Please note that some talks are on German.)
Video documentation of all presentations

Thank you!

We would to give a big thank you to all the people, which contributed to the large success of the Innovationforum Interaktionsdesign!

On the Blog »We make money not art« are in the meantime an extensive documentation of all lectures of the Innovationsforums:

Further you find here a few photographic impressions of the Innovationsforum:

About the Innovationsforum

The aim of the two day conference “Innovation Forum Interaction Design“ is to focus on all aspects of interface and interaction design: mobile telephone and media interfaces, problem solutions und product visions, web pages and virtual worlds, art und commerce, business and science.

Using both concrete projects and visionary concepts, current developments in interaction design will be presented and discussed by regional and international experts from the design, research and business worlds.


Gillian Crampton Smith, Anthony Dunne, Tim Edler, Frank Jacob, Gesche Joost, Bernard Kerr, Patrick Kochlik, Kristjan Kristjansson, Bill Moggridge, Dennis Paul, Mike Richter und Bruce Sterling.

In addition, new student projects on interface and interaction design will be presented by student teams from six European universities.

Conference Fee:

There is no conference fee. However, due to limited seating capacity, participants must register online before 15th March 2007.

Date / Location:

The Innovation Forum Interaction Design is being held on the 30th and 31st March 2007 in the new home of the Hans Otto Theatre Potsdam. On the evening of the 30th after the conference, the play »Mobil« from Sergi Belbel is being performed at the Hans Otto Theatre. With mobile phones being the play’s central theme, it is a must for interaction designers!


The Innovation Forum is being held by the BA/MA Programm Interaction Design and by theIDL //Interaction Design Lab of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. It is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s fund for “Interregional Alliances for Tomorrows Markets”.