Hidden Circles

P5.js, repeat, Law of Connected Elements

Circles creating patterns on a simple grid.


P5.js, repeat, Law of Prägnanz

Are there fifteen squares or one circle?

Black and white Stripes

P5.js, repeat, Law of Figure and Ground, Sol LeWitt
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Simple stripes. "Law of Figure and Ground".

Circle Raster

P5.js, repeat, Law of Prägnanz, Law of Similarity
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Creates a rster of circles. one circle is "prägnant".

Decrease Size

P5.js, repeat, Law of Prägnanz, Sol LeWitt
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Decrease the size of a circle. Inspired by Sol LeWitt.


P5.js, repeat, chance
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Creates circles within a range of the canvas.

Mountain view: Berchtesgaden - Nussdorf

P5.js, data, color, form, repeat, Law of Continuity

A simple data visualization based on altitude profiles forms abstract mountain views.

Open Paths

P5.js, data, repeat, Law of Connected Elements
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Loading and displaying data

Network of Molecules

P5.js, repeat, Law of Connected Elements, Law of Similarity

A network interconnected of molecules.


P5.js, grid, Law of Prägnanz

Many lines and the lack of lines forms a square.

Law of Clousure and Multistable Perception in a grid

P5.js, Law of Proximity, Law of Multistable Perception, grid

This sample shows a dynamic grid, that changes the width and height of itself.

Law of Symetry and chance

P5.js, Law of Connected Elements, Law of Symmetry, grid, symmetry

This sample shows a static grid regular distances between the arcs.

Fishing Net

P5.js, Law of Connected Elements, Law of Similarity, contrast, grid, repeat

Grid with growing weight of Lines.

Hidden Room

P5.js, Law of Multistable Perception, Law of Space, repeat, form, chance

Square with diagonal lines that interact with each other in one point.

Law of Symetry and Figured-Ground

P5.js, Law of Contrast, Law of Symmetry, contrast, symmetry, grid

This sample shows a static grid with horizontal lines. The lines on the top of the square are the longest. The lines on the bottom of the square are the shortest. They built together a triangle. In the middle of the square is another small triangle that built the same image that is built before.


P5.js, grid, Law of Space

Illusion of space through vanishing points.

Noise Line

P5.js, chance, repeat, noise
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Generate a line from the middle of one side of the convas to another. Similar to the sketch Noise.

Praegnanz by Varying Edges

P5.js, chance, proximity, Law of Prägnanz

This creates random Prägnanzen between ellipses by varying the strength of their edges.

Similarity by Hue and Size

P5.js, chance, similarity, Law of Similarity

This creates random similarities between ellipses by varying their size and color.

Landscape waves

P5.js, Law of Multistable-perception, Law of Emotion, form, grid

Random lines with different grey scale colors built a landscape.

Popup Circles

P5.js, chance, repeat, Law of Similarity

Random crackling circles with similar color ranges.

Random Circles

P5.js, chance, repeat, Law of Similarity
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Generate random circles with one simple loop. Break at the width of the canvas.

Proximity through distance

P5.js, chance, proximity, Law of Proximity

This creates random proximities between ellipses.

John Venn's Randomness

P5.js, chance, repeat, Law of Similarity, Law of Connected Elements, grid
Fabian Morón Zirfas

This sketch shows the visual representation of randomness by John Venn


P5.js, chance, Law of Direction of Reading

Follow the dots!

Colorful circles

P5.js, chance, repeat

Creation of differently sized and colored circles that shrink with each loop


P5.js, chance, Law of Simplicity

Someone bite the square.

Noise vs Random

P5.js, chance, repeat
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Shows the difference between noise and random values.


P5.js, chance

Drawing a circle.

Circles bubbles

P5.js, Law of Connected Elements, Law of Similarity, contrast, repeat, form

Different size of Circles and their interaction show Space and Volume.

Hairy Story

P5.js, Law of Causality, Law of Connected Elements, form, interaction

Arcs in random position built a irregular grid.

Chance Line

P5.js, chance, repeat

Casualty lines creating the effect of an infinite tunnel.


P5.js, color, Law of Proximity

Creating proximity through monochromatic colors.

colored disco

P5.js, color, repeat

change light strobe, reminding of a disco light.


P5.js, color, Law of Similarity

Items that are similar tend to be grouped together.


P5.js, color, color-radius, Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes from the same source. Inspired from Sol LeWitt's work.


P5.js, color, chance, interact, Law of Closure

Mouse higlights individual parts of elements created by gaussian noise

Law of Contrast and Similarity with symmetry

P5.js, Law of Contrast, Law of Symmetry, contrast, color

This sample shows a strong contrast between the drawn rectangles. The combination of the color black and white let them look in their composition hard and strong. One reason for the visual perception is that both colors are opposite to each other in the color theory.


P5.js, color, hsb

using HSB

Dripping Wall

P5.js, chance

I imitate Pollock.


P5.js, color, Law of Good Gestalt

Stripes changing color gradient after every row. Colors range form orange to blue.

Subtractive Color Model

P5.js, Law of Similarity, Law of Common Fate, color

CMYK interaction built RGB + Black.


P5.js, p5.Vector, color, triangle

Primary colors represented by a moving triangle in P5.js.

Green Hyperspace

P5.js, motion

Green lines flashing at the screen making it seem like one is travelling at high speed through space.


P5.js, motion, Law of Space through Light and Shadow

Light over an array of cones.


P5.js, motion, chance

Particles move in the motion of cloth in a wind breeze

Motion Without Motion

P5.js, motion, repeat

This is an experiment on how to create motion without using moving elements.


P5.js, motion, chance, interact, Law of Connected Elements, Law of Common Fate

Connected balls attracted by the mouse and a kind of gravity

Motion Dots

P5.js, chance, repeat, motion

Balls that change color and size fill the entire area of the frame.

Common Fate Planets

P5.js, motion, commonfate, Law of Common Fate

In this example you see some planets moving around. Two of them belong together. We make a connection between them because they move the same speed and into the same direction. Our brain immediately sees them as an integrated whole.


P5.js, motion, Law of Similarity, Law of Common Fate

How motion leads to perceived similarity.


P5.js, motion, Law of Similarity

Elements of same speed towards the same direction are seen as a group.

Air Dancer

P5.js, motion, Law of Connected Elements

The figure suggests that there is a ball which moves in front of two lines. One end of each line and the ball are connected to the position of the mouse. mouuse

Spiral Beams

P5.js, motion, Law of Regularity

Every frame a circle is drawn with a new position. It is always connected to the center of the picture and moves in form of a spiral. The law of regularity means that if neighboring objects repeat in patterns, the human eye will recognize them as groups.


P5.js, typography, parameterized, Law of Prägnanz, todo
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Heavily parameterized splash image creation. Uses a font that has to be installed on the users machine.


P5.js, typography, macro
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Come closer. Can you still spot the character?

Stick Figure

P5.js, form
Fabian Morón Zirfas

A simple stick figure - heavily parameterized.


P5.js, form, Law of Space

Visit the pharaohs!

Close the Triangle

P5.js, form, 2d, Law of Closure

Because our eyes always try to see shapes, we can see a shape without it being fully closed. In this example a corner is missing. Can you still see the triangle?

An Obvious Circle

P5.js, form, Law of Closure

An example for the appearance of shapes through additional forms that are not actually closed, but support the impression of a closed form in between them.

Criss Cross

P5.js, Law of Symmetry, Law of Closure, Law of Contrast, symmetry, simplicity

This sample shows a cross with a square in the middle.


P5.js, form
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Just some arcs


P5.js, form, sol-lewitt
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Inspired by Sol LeWitts Wall Drawing No.154

geometrical shape

P5.js, form, Law of Continuity

Six lines, three triangles or one square?


P5.js, form
Fabian Morón Zirfas

just primitive shapes

Lines for Space

P5.js, form, Law of Space

An example for the creation of space and forms between lines through their length and the angles in between.

Is Inside?

P5.js, repeat, interact, mouse, key, color, chance
Fabian Morón Zirfas

Check whether the mouse is inside of an element. If so, change the color.

Drawing with Particles

P5.js, repeat, interact, mouse, key, color
Fabian Morón Zirfas

This example shows different interaction types. Keycodes and mouse movement. Text on screen and also global color creation.